Our Tokyo Disney Sea Date

Our Tokyo Disney Sea Date

The Tokyo Disney Resort has two different parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Disneyland is a pretty classic park, similar to other Disney parks around the world, Disney Sea however is on a totally different level than any park I have EVER been to. As always, Japan completely outdid themselves with this park, every detail is flawless! Disney Sea is the more “grown up” park of the two, and it’s a pretty common date spot for couples. On Joeys most recent trip to Japan, I thought it would be fun to dress up and plan our own little Disney Sea Date!

We decided to get there at park open so we could get some fun pictures without the INSANE crowds and grab some fast passes before the lines got too long. (Sometimes I think they need a fastpass for the fastpass line, it’s crazy how quickly the lines grow here!) If you think lines and crowds are crazy at Disney in the states, they are nothing compared to what we encounter here in Japan! We grabbed a fastpass for the famous “Journey to the Center of the Earth” ride and then strolled around the Medditerranean harbor and let ourselves be swept away by the dreamy Italian atmosphere. The harbor is lined with beautifully crafted buildings that look like they just came out of a painting, and Italian music is playing lightly in the background as gondolas peacefully drift in the open water at the center of the park. Italy is one of my top bucket list destinations and I was in heaven!

We headed off to ride our first ride, let me tell you, there is nothing more satisfying then speeding through the fastpass line instead of having to wait for the full 180 minute wait time. Yay for fastpasses!  Journey to the Center of the Earth was fun, and unexpected. It actually happens inside of the volcano at the front of the park so I’ve always been pretty curious about it and I’m happy I was able to cross it off my Disney list!

After that we headed to get my FAVORITE popcorn. If you don’t know, Tokyo Disney is famous for it’s crazy popcorn flavors. We have a huge variety  of sweet and salty choices and are constantly getting new ones. Some of the more unique flavors include curry, herb-tomato, white chocolate, and soysauce& butter! I wanted Joey to try what is in my opinion the best popcorn the park has to offer, Aka Herb-tomato, AKA PIZZA FLAVORED POPCORN. It’s only fitting that they would have pizza popcorn in the Mediterranean harbor and really helped with the whole Italian vibe. Joey loved it of course, because lets be real, you can’t really go wrong with pizza popcorn, two of my favorite food groups tbh.

At around 10:30 am, we gathered around the harbor to watch the villains show. It was the opening day of it and WOW! IT. WAS. EPIC! The whole show takes place on the water and it is seriously the most amazing Disney show I have ever seen. I’m planning to do a post about Halloween at Tokyo Disney and I will go a little more into Detail about it there. I just have too much to say about it, I can’t fit it all in this post! I will tell you though, that there is one point where two performers are swimming through the water and as the music intensifies they SHOOT INTO THE AIR WITH LITERAL WATER ROCKETS ATTACHED TO THEIR FEET!!! Joey’s face was priceless, and our jaws were on the floor. I don’t even know why I was surprised though, I mean this is Japan we are talking about!!

After the show, We headed over to wait in line for the gondolas and got a little distracted by the most delicious looking gelato I ever laid eyes on. My heart may have actually skipped a beat! We were full from the popcorn we had JUST inhaled, but calories don’t count at Disney so we justified getting some gelato. They had a  wide variety of flavors, I got caramel and vanilla and Joey got caramel and chocolate. It was served in the cutest little square cones and it was seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten. We were halfway though our gelato when Joey said, “…so…would it be bad if we went and got a second one?!” He was REALLY relying on the whole, “calories-don’t-count-at-Disney” thing.

With our delicious ice cream in hand we hopped in line for the gondolas. This experience was amazing and maybe my favorite thing we did all day. As we stepped into the gondola, I felt like I was being transported from Disney Sea to the famous canals that I have always dreamt about floating down in Italy. Our gondolier expertly  rowed us around the harbor and told us all sorts of interesting information about Italy, it was so fun passing other boats and waving to them and shouting out “Ciao!” as we peacefully drifted by. As our ride came to an end, our gondolier actually stated singing to us in Italian just like you see in the movies. MY HEART! I am constantly amazed by the attention to detail in this place!

We stepped off the goldola, shouted “arrivederci!” to our awesome goldolier and headed off on the next adventure: Tower of Terror! The ride itself is similar to the ones in the states, the story is very different however and I really wish my Japaneses was better so I could actually understand what was going on. Pretty much the story of my life here in Japan, haha! We enjoyed a few more rides in various places throughout the park, and then walked around and took in our beautiful surroundings. Simply walking around and people watching was more than enough fun!

After we walked around enough to work up an appetite, we went to my favorite pizza place in Disney Sea, The Zambini brothers resturante. The theming of this place is on point, and makes the already delicious pizza even more enjoyable, because lets be real, whats better than eating pizza in a beautiful old Italian building with accordian music lightly serenading you as you enjoy your meal outside sitting on the terrace?! Nothing I tell ya!

With our bellies full of pizza, we strolled over to explore the Arabian Coast and the Mermaid Lagoon. These are two of my favorite spots in the whole park, the theming is just mind blowing!! We explored, marveled at the architecrture and detail, rode some rides and enjoyed the famous Mickey and Minnie ice creams! I know what youre thinking; we ate an embarrassing amount of food in a short period of time, but in our defense we were doing A LOT of walking so that sort of makes it okay…right? RIGHT?!

We decided to leave around 4;30 because it was Joeys last day in Japan and we wanted a little down time together before we left.  Before we headed home for the day, we decided we had to fit in one last ride! It caught our attention when we walked by it earlier on our way to lunch and decided we had to come back to give it a try! It was Aquatopia in Port Discovery and the spinning boats and splashing water was too enticing to pass up! There were two separate lines; the “dry line” and the “wet line.” The dry line was much longer so we opted for getting wet because we are rebels. We also thought we wouldn’t be getting too wet… from the look of the ride, it was just some random, light splashing but we were WRONG. By the time we got off we were pretty soaked! We didn’t mind too much though because it was a warm day and we were headed home anyways!

On our way out we stopped and got TWO different ice-creams…yup, I know you’re doing the math so I’ll just expedite the process and tell you that’s a total of four different ice creams we ate throughout the day, don’t judge. In my defense, I had to make sure Joey tried all of the iconic Tokyo Disney treats and we only had a day to fit them all!! No regrets!

All in all, it was a perfect day and I’m so happy I got the chance to share a place that I have come to love so much with my fiancée. If you ever find yourself in Japan, I hope you take a day to check out the magic That is Tokyo Disney Sea!!








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