Our Engagment Photos Were Taken at McDonald’s…And We’re Lovin’ It

Our Engagment Photos Were Taken at McDonald’s…And We’re Lovin’ It

All of you super healthy people out there are probably going to hate me for this…but my favorite restaurant is McDonald’s. I know, I know, I’ve heard it all before: McDonald’s is soooo bad for you but the heart wants what the heart wants. Now please, don’t get me wrong…despite my love for McDonald’s, I don’t eat there often. Believe it or not I actually am quite health conscious, so I often deny myself the delicious, salty food…most of the time.  I’ve gotta say though, its’s been there for me through some pretty big moments in my life. Late night rehearsals, good news, bad news, even birthdays and as much as my friends tease me for it, I am not ashamed.

When Joey and I had our first date we were spending time getting to know each other. Ya know, asking those generic “getting to know each other” questions; “What’s your favorite childhood memory, Are you a dog person or a cat person, Whats your favorite kind of food?”  Those kinds of questions, and when he asked me about my favorite food, I confessed my ongoing love for those glorious golden arches without batting an eye. He thought I was joking, and then, once he realized how serious I was, he thought I was the weirdest girl he’d ever met. It must have done something for him though, because we are getting married in 9 months…maybe he just loved the fact that I was a cheap date? The world may never know. Anywayyysss, at the end of the longest first date ever, (it started off as a long boarding adventure that was supposed to last for an hour or two, then after long boarding came exploring his hometown, which turned into a photography date, which turned into lunch with his family, which turned into talking until the sun went down) his car battery died…it was about 8:30 pm, and help was on the way but we had some time to kill and wouldn’t you know it, those golden arches were looming in the distance calling my name. We looked at McDonald’s, looked at each other, and without saying another word we headed that way. It was the very best ending to the best first date ever.

Fast forward two years later as we began talking about our engagement pictures. We knew we wanted to do something that represented us. We didn’t want generic engagement photos staring off into the sunset, we wanted something unique and quirky and true to our personalities and relationship. “How about McDonald’s?!” Joey excitedly proclaimed. You may be shocked to find that a self proclaimed McDonald’s lover like myself actually wasn’t so fond of the idea at first. Yes, I wanted unique and silly pictures, but I still wanted them to be pretty and something I was excited to share with my friends and family. Joey kept talking about it though, and I eventually gave in. I’m so glad that I did, because I love how these photos by our friend Kaitlyn (@kaitaugustphotography)  turned out!

Alright, enough chit chat. It’s time for you to feast your eyes (haha get it?!) on our silly, wonderful engagement photos that I will be cherishing for years to come. I can’t wait for our future kids to see how weird their parents were. Hope you enjoy!



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