Hi, I’m Brenna. Welcome to my little creative corner! I am from the sunny state of Florida, but I’m currently living in Japan performing at Tokyo Disneyland and chasing some crazy dreams that have been stirring in this lil heart of mine for quite some time. I spend a lot of time dancing in front of castles in a ballgown, but when I’m not doing that, you’ll most likely find me in an oversized t-shirt with my hair piled in a messy bun on top of my head, covered from head to toe in paint or cruisin’ by the seaside on my long board. I LOVE to dream, create, and travel the world with my hunk of a FIANCÉ!!!

I am a lover of art, sunflowers, thunderstorms, exploring, going to the movies, dancing around in onesies, reading, and snugglin’ with my sweet lil pet pig…(  yup you read that right!)  I pretend to be a health nut, but in reality I eat more pizza than the average person and I fully intend to serve it at my wedding because I’m classy like that. Most importantly though, I love Jesus a whole bunch, and I really hope that my life is a reflection of that.

My goal with this blog is to show you the parts of my life that can’t fully be captured in an Instagram post. The messy parts, the ugly parts, the beautiful parts, the less than colorful parts, and the too good to be true parts. In a generation that is constantly covering up the less than perfect moments with a filter, I hope that you will find this space to be real and honest. My life definitely isn’t perfect, but it IS one big crazy adventure and I hope you’ll tag along for the ride!